XZWL Series External Sewage Hoist
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XZWL Series External Sewage Hoist

  • 3~250m/h

  • 5~50m

  • 0.75~15kW

  • PE (container) cast iron, stainless steel (pump)

  • Collection and transportation of sewage, waste water and rainwater in underground floors of houses, apartments, factories, etc.


| Application of external sewage hoist

CHME Series Horizontal Intelligent Constant Pressure Variable Frequency Pump adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology and automatic control technology. It combines with CHM Non-Self-Priming Light Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump which is high efficient and energy saving. The whole machine is mainly composed of CHM pump, controller, sensor, pressure tank, check valve and axial pressure gauge. It has the characteristics of stable performance, high efficiency, fully automatic intelligent control, low noise, corrosion resistance, with compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight.

| Specifications

| Technical advantages of external sewage hoist

Integrated equipment,ready to use

Waterproof and deodorant design

Necessary water pump, water inlet, water outlet, valve and vent pipe have been installed during supply. At the scene of the installation, you can also choose different location of the inlet, which greatly reduces the installation cost.

HDPE integrated forming box, reinforced design, provides a comfortable appearance and 10m water pressure bearing force. Completely closed, perfectly prevent leakage and corrosion and ensure that no smell out.

Stable and reliable,powerful function

Stable performance,strong passing ability

The protection level of the whole machine is IP68, and the protection level of intelligent control system is IP54. High performance waterproof motor can run continuously and start frequently, no need of air cooling, water cooling, no worry of electricity leakage, which is suitable for surface installation or underground pit installation.

The pump can be continuously operated in S1 mode, with the maximum starting times up to 40 times per hour and the maintenance cycle up to 100,000 times. According to customers' requirements, we can choose spiral flow, cutting type and large channel impeller to ensure there is no clogging and winding.

Minimum maintenance,maximum service life

Silent operation

HDPE integrated forming water tank, universal useof international similar products, high strength, corrosion resistance; its life can be the same as the building. External dry installation of sewage pump is easy to remove, maintenance does not touch sewage. Excellent processing technology, the whole machine stainless steel or ductile ironsurface electrophoresis treatment with longerproduct's service life. All products have been through strict water tests and inspections to ensure that customers can use it safely.

The noise factor is taken into account in the design of pump, motor, water tank, base, etc., silent operation is perfectly suitable for household use.

Complete in specifications

Intelligent control system

There is a variety of specifications to meet thedifferent needs of applications. Supporting water tank capacity from 60L to 1200L, single-phase or three-phase motors, power from 0.75kw to 11KW, pump head from 5m to 43m, all of these can be selected according to site needs.

Humanized design, easy to operate. It can monitor the pump operation, switch, alarm and water tank level intelligently.

Pressure sensor imported from Germany ensuresstable operation of drainage system with high sensitivity and low failure rate .

The self-diagnostic system monitors continuously and reminds the next maintenance.

High protection level and three-proof coating circuit board, ensure stable operation under special circumstances.

Built-in lithium battery, set power failure alarm.

Optional: data via USB interface,485 communication transmission, touch screen

| XZWL60 series

| XZWL120 series

| XZWL250 series

| XZWL1200 series

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