WQF Series All-stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pump
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WQF Series All-stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pump

  • 5~3500m*/h

  • ≤60m

  • ≤110kW

  • ≤500mm

  • ≤+45C

  • 4~11

  • Stainless steel AISI304, 316, 316L, Duplex stainless steel 2205

  • Transport corrosive liquids.


| Product Description

1.WQF series of all stainless steel sewage submersible pumps using international advanced technology developed from the special products, more than 10 years widely used in industrial and mining, construction, hospitals, municipal engineering, sewage treatment and other industries.

2. Electric pump flow parts are all stainless steel precision casting, with its own pollution-free and corrosion-resistant features, expanding the application of water supply and drainage.

3. Electric pump with excellent stainless steel, pure texture, beautiful appearance, reducing the secondary pollution, in full compliance with the national green use requirements.

4. Electric pump energy efficient, reasonable structure, no clogging, anti-winding, with safe and reliable operation, long service life and so on.

5. According to the need for dual-rail automatic coupling device, can facilitate the installation of the pump.

6. Mechanical seal with double-end sealing material, the choice of high-quality tungsten carbide and other carbide, and long-term operation in the oil chamber, the pump can be safe and safe operation for more than 10,000 hours.

| Model Description

| Product Usage

1.Applicable to construction and construction, industrial and mining enterprises, municipal engineering and other sewage treatment system.

2. Urban environmental protection system in the sewage, sewage relay, sewage treatment.

3. Exploration, mine matching machine.

4. Food, medical, seawater, sewage and other sewage discharge.

5. Civil air defense system drainage station, water supply equipment factory, water supply and drainage device.

6. Agricultural irrigation, rural digesters, fish, fountains, water and so on.

| Conditions of Use

1.Medium temperature does not exceed 45 ℃, medium weight <1.2kg / dm ³. The mass ratio of the particles in the conveying medium is more than 60%, and the pH of the medium is 4 to 11.

2. No internal self-flow circulation cooling system of the pump, the motor part of the exposed surface must not exceed the motor 1/2

3. The rest should be consistent with submersible sewage pump general conditions of use.

| Structure diagram

| Technical parameters and dimensions

| Performance curve

| Corrosion resistance of stainless steel

| 304,316 usually apply to media

Acetic acid, acetic acid, benzoic acid, boric acid, carbohydric acid, fatty acid, hydrocyanic acid, mineral acid, dilute nitric acid, dilute oxalic acid, pyromoleic acid, tartaric acid, ammonium nitrate, barium chloride, beer, beet juice, sodium chloride Brine, sea water, water carbon tetrachloride, chlorobenzene, chloroform, copper sulfate, formaldehyde, furfural, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen sulfide.

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