Efficient And Durable Municipal Sewage Submersible Pump
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Efficient And Durable Municipal Sewage Submersible Pump

Power:0.55 ~ 315 kw 
Caliber:40 ~ 600 mm 
Flow rate:7 ~ 5000 m³/h 
Head:7 ~ 80 m 
Medium temperature:T≤40℃ 
Medium density:≤1100kg/m³ 
Medium PH range:4 ~ 10 
Protection level:IP68

| Product Introduction

Hangzhou Xizi Pump WQA series submersible sewage pump, in line with better reliability, higher unit efficiency to serve the majority of customers, on the basis of summarizing more than 30 years of submersible pump manufacturing and experience accumulation, learn from and introduce international advanced hydraulic model design technology, has achieved high efficiency, high efficiency, stable performance, And most models have reached the "national Level energy efficiency" certification, to achieve the real meaning of full head pump, completely solve the customer's overcurrent problem. At the same time in the mechanical structure, sealing, protection and other aspects of comprehensive optimization design, and the use of high quality motor materials, to ensure the stability of the unit. There are 182 models in the whole WQA series.

Products comply with GB/T24674 "sewage submersible pump" national standards.

| Application Field

Mainly used in municipal engineering, sewage treatment, building construction, water conservancy engineering, industrial sewage, environmental protection, hospitals, hotels and other fields, used for conveyor belt solid particles and long fiber wastewater, sewage, rainwater, also including raw water transportation, aquaculture, irrigation, etc.

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