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WQA Series Submersible Sewage Pumps

  • 7~5000m2/h

  • ≤80m

  • ≤315kW

  • ≤600mm

  • ≤+45C

  • Cast iron / Ball milled cast iron

  • Sewage transportation, discharge, industrial waste water transportation, waste water transportation with contaminants.


| Outline of the product

In order to make the WQ series submersible sewage pump (F/JY) with better reliability, higher unit efficiency service to customers, in 25 years manufacturing experience of this series of pump, on the basis of updated again optimization of hydraulic model, the innovation of mechanical seal and bearing structure, uses the high quality motor, according to the use of environmental conditions, 18.5 kW and above pump for motor cycle cooling system, ensure the reliability. The whole series of 111 basic specifications, through the use of the prototype impeller and modified impeller and cutting, in the spectrum of performance, can provide appropriate to meet the needs of users of arbitrary flow, head working point of the pump.

The standard products are GB/ t24674-2009, JB/ t8092-2006, GB/ t12785-2002.

| The characteristics of products

1.Most of the impellers with the pump come as a bi-runner impeller. The spacious pump casing runner lets the solids easily passing and the fibers uneasily wrapping so that it is most suitable for discharging sewage and dirt.

2.The unique mechanical seal layout mode and bearing combination makes the suspension arm of the shaft short, a heavy rigidity and a small jump, more benefit for reducing the leak from the mechanical seal and extending the life of it.

3.The cable is the sewage -resisting heavy-type rubber-jacket cable and holds and excellent mechanical strength and oil-dirty resistance. Both sectional area and current-carrying capacity of the cable conductor are selected according to the long-term continuous work under a 40℃ ambient temperature (not the common 25℃), so, under the common condition of use, it holds a sufficient margin with the current-carrying capacity and a longer life.

4.The cable gland tightly presses the cable seal ring to leave a reliable sealing between the cable and the wiring cavity, to fix the cable and prevent it from pull-off.

5.The perfect combination of the special electric control cabinet, the liquid level floating-ball switch and the protective components carries out the automatic monitor and alarm for water leak and winding overheat.

6.The motor of a protective grade IP68, B, F or H works in submerged mode and holds the cooling effect. The grade F insulation makes the winding bearable to a higher temperature and, compared with common motors, more durable.

7.A motor cooling system can be set with the pump, which can not only sufficiently cool the motor but also be helpful for lowering the level of the sewage pond so as to discharge the sewage therein to the utmost degree.

8.Set up two seal monitoring systems, which can alarm once one of them leak.

9.Bearing for maintenance free bearings, can reliably bear the radial force and axial force generated by the pump operation, to ensure that the correct position of the impeller in the spiral case, and long bearing life.

Scope of application

WQ(JY) series submersible sewage pump is mainly used for the municipal works, buildings, industrial sewage and sewage treatment to discharge the sewage, waste water and rainwater containing solids and long fibers.

Conditions of use

1.The medium temperature is not over 40 degrees, the solid phase volume ratio in medium is less than 2 and the PH value is within 4-10.

2.For the lowest running liquid level, see ▼ in the installation dimension chart (with the motor cooling system) or ▽ (without the motor cooling system);

3.The materials of the main parts of the pump are cast iron or ductile iron, WQF series pump is all stainless steel casting submersible sewage pump and it can be used to pump strong corrosive medium or that containing strong abrasive solid grains.

4.The diameter of the solids in the medium shall not be bigger than the  minimum size of the runner, recommended to be below d50 value in performance parameter table. The runner size and the length of the fibers in the medium shall not be over the discharge aperture of the pump.

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