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Recruiting Position

Salesperson / Salesperson

8-16K/month with 13th month salary
Catering Subsidies  丨  Performance Bonuses 丨 Year-end Bonuses 丨 Professional Training 丨 Five Insurances 丨 One Fund 丨 Employee Travel 丨 Transportation Subsidies

Operating Duty

9  Develop and assist distributors in product sales and promotion

9  According to the marketing plan, achieve sales targets

9  Expand new markets, develop new customers, and expand product sales scope

9  Responsible for collecting market information and analyzing competitors in the jurisdiction

9  Responsible for planning and executing sales activities within the sales area, and completing sales tasks

9  Love sales work, possess excellent communication skills, adapt to frequent business trips and strong work pressure

9  Provide professional consultation for clients

9  Manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers

9  High commission!! Excellent welfare benefits!

Age Requirement

9  20-35 years old
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