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The Most Commonly Used Form of Submersible Pumps-Characteristics And Common Problems of Centrifugal Pumps

   With the progress of society and the development of demand, under the situation that its performance and reliability requirements continue to increase, the applicable medium of submersible pumps has expanded from single clean water to sewage and chemical media; the scope of use has also increased from simple agricultural irrigation to Extend sophisticated industrial production applications. Developed to the present, submersible pumps have developed into small household submersible pumps, submersible sewage pumps, stainless steel submersible sewage pumps, sewage hoist, All-stainless Steel Integrated Intelligent Prefabrication Pump Station, and other pump series applicable to various ranges. The functions are more abundant and the product added value is greatly increased. improve.

    In daily life, the centrifugal water pump is the most commonly used form of submersible pump, usually a single-stage multi-suction structure, the motor is a three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, and the pump and the motor are often used directly through the coupling in the early days. With the advancement of sealing technology, modern submersible pumps simplify the connection method, cancel the fixed coupling, extend the motor main shaft directly into the pump volute, and directly drive the impeller to rotate. Compared with the mechanical structure of the traditional centrifugal pump and the thousand-type motor, the submersible pump greatly reduces the volume of the equipment and improves the flexibility of the installation method of the pump. Because there is no need for irrigation and water diversion process, the water addition or vacuum load for the separation pump can be eliminated. Pressure equipment, saving equipment installation space requirements. The new coupling device and the lifting equipment can quickly disassemble and assemble the large water pump, find the center by itself, and do not need fasteners to connect, which not only improves the maintenance speed but also reduces the labor intensity. The underwater installation method no longer requires the construction of a complex dry pump house, changes the process structure of the pump station, simplifies the difficulty of the civil construction of the pump station, and saves the floor space. Compared with the traditional centrifugal pump, it has many advantages. The amount used in drainage works is increasing day by day.

    The submersible pump integrates the electric motor and the water pump into one while reducing the volume and simplifying the structure, it also integrates the failure phenomena of the two.

(1) Electrical failure: overheating, overload, short circuit, open circuit, insulation value drop.

(2) Mechanical failure: bearing wear, damage, mechanical seal leakage, impeller wear, and foreign matter stuck in the water inlet.

    The occurrence of these two phenomena will cause correlation problems. For example, the leakage of the mechanical seal will cause the insulation value to drop, short-circuit the motor windings, and short-circuit the motor windings and cause the motor to burn out. Once water ingress occurs in the motor, it means replacing a complete set of bearings, sealing, and rewinding the sub-winding, and the maintenance cost is close to the value of a new pump. So be sure to check the pump in daily use.