Low Noise In-Line Pulp Production Centrifugal Pump
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Low Noise In-Line Pulp Production Centrifugal Pump

Power:1.5 ~ 37 kw
Caliber:32 ~ 80 mm
Flow rate:12.5 ~ 160 m³/h
Head:13 ~ 68 m

| Product Introduction

The SSC type stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump developed by our company IS made of stainless steel plate stamping, welding and other advanced technology, is the first new generation of centrifugal pump in China, can replace the traditional IS pump and general corrosion resistant pump. It has beautiful appearance, light structure, high efficiency and energy saving, durable and light corrosion resistance, low noise and so on.

SSC stainless steel horizontal single stage centrifugal pump is a wide range of multifunctional products, can transport a variety of different media including water or industrial liquids, suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges.

| Application Field

• Water supply: water plant filtration, transportation and zoning water supply and main pressurization;

• Industrial supercharging: process water system, cleaning system;

• Industrial liquid transport: boiler feed water, condensation system, cooling and air conditioning system, machine tools, weak acid and alkali transport;

• Water treatment: distillation system or separator, swimming pool, etc.;

• Farmland irrigation, medicine and health, etc

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