High Efficiency In-Line Petroleum Refining Centrifugal Pump
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High Efficiency In-Line Petroleum Refining Centrifugal Pump

Power:0.75 ~ 4 kw 
Caliber:32 ~ 100 mm 
Flow rate:8 ~ 80 m³/h 
Head:7 ~ 30 m Protection level:IP55

| Product Introduction

GW type vertical pipe sewage pump is a novel, energy-saving and efficient product developed on the basis of repeated research on similar technologies at home and abroad. This series of pumps adopts a unique impeller structure and a new mechanical seal, which can effectively transport the medium containing solid objects and fibers. Compared with traditional pipeline sewage pumps, the impeller is:

1. This product uses a special oil chamber design to protect the mechanical seal.

2. The impeller of the pump adopts the form of closed double blade, which has good passability and high hydraulic efficiency. The impeller is balanced by the test, which effectively reduces the vibration of the pump during operation.

| Application Field

GW series pipeline sewage pump can be used to transport liquids containing suspended particles and fiber impurities, mainly used in the following industries:

• Transport of industrial wastewater

• Domestic sewage treatment system

• Urban sewage treatment system

• Municipal sewage systems

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