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High Head Pressure In-Line Water Supply Centrifugal Pump

Power:0.75 ~ 132 kw
Caliber:32 ~ 250 mm
Flow rate:2.8 ~ 800 m³
Head:7 ~ 80 m
Medium temperature:-15 ~ 105℃
Medium density:≤1050kg/m³
Maximum Environment temperature:+40℃
Maximum system pressure:1.6MPa

| Product Introduction

PTD single-stage pipeline circulating pump with standard motor and mechanical seal, this product construction is less susceptible to impurities in the pumped liquid than similar products. The product is designed to pull out the top of the disassembly form, it can not affect the pipeline system without the pump maintenance.

Among them, PTD125 and PTD150 provide extended shaft and removable structure at the same time. TD200 and above caliber are designed with integral removable mechanical seal, and there is no need to disassemble the motor when replacing the seal.

| Application Field

Suitable for energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, paper and hotel, hotel and other boiler hot water pressurized transport and urban heating system circulation pump.

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