Municipal Intelligent Precast Sewage Lifting Station
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Municipal Intelligent Precast Sewage Lifting Station

Pump power:Select according to flow head and medium characteristics 
Flow rate:≤ 72000 m³/d 
Pump station depth:≤20 m 
Pump station diameter (mm):DN1200 ~ DN4200 
Tank material:PE,GRP, 304Stainless steel

| Application Field

Xizi Pump external sewage elevator, is a new derivative product, sewage tank, sewage pump, level meter, supporting valves, pipe fittings and control system in one, increase the safety of sewage discharge below the back pressure level, can prevent sewage backflow. The low level sewage containing excreta and oil in public places and households is centrally pumped to the municipal sewage system. It was first used for sewage upgrading of family villas, collecting sewage discharge from toilets, kitchens, basements, garages, etc., and later it was gradually applied to other industries. External sewage elevator has obvious advantages over other types of elevator in environmental impact, operation and maintenance, comprehensive cost and so on.

| Product Feature

· All pipelines, valves, main pumps and control systems, accessories, etc., adopt integrated design and compact structure. Stable, reliable and easy to maintain.

· Small area (≤30m°), short construction period (≤7week).

· 24-hour unattended operation, water pump with built-in overheating protection and automatic alarm devices, equipped with automatic control and remote wireless monitoring functions.

· Long service life, GRP/304/PE cylinder service life up to 50 years.

· The pumping station will not emit odor after being buried underground, and has no impact on the surrounding environment.

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