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QYF Series All-stainless Steel Submersible Electric Pump



1.Product description

QYF series of stainless steel submersible pump is the company specifically for the industrial and mining, municipal, hospital, chemical, water treatment and landscape engineering designers to manufacture corrosion-resistant submersible pump, the product is fully stainless steel casting, with its own pollution-free features, The second pollution, in full compliance with the national green use requirements.

Products from the motor, pump and the whole mechanical seal three parts coaxial connection. The overcurrent parts are made of stainless steel (304,316,316 L). Pump outlet with round flange structure.


2.Model Description



3.Conditions of Use

☆ Power supply frequency of 50Hz, rated voltage 380V or 660V (allowable deviation of ± 5%) of the three-phase alternating current;

☆ The pump should be safely submerged in the water, diving depth of not more than 5 meters.

☆ The pH of the conveying medium: 4-11, temperature ≤40 ℃;

☆ Water content of water is not greater than 0.1%, no sludge stains in the pool;

☆ The pump must be used within 110% to 80% of the rated head;

☆ The pump should be configured to start the corresponding protector, and reliable grounding;

☆ After the installation of the pump should not touch the bottom of the sludge, so as not to affect the pump cooling.


4.Structure diagram



5.Performance curve



6.Technical Parameters



7.Installation size