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WQAS Series Cutting submersible sewage pumps


  • Flow: 7~5000m2/h;
  • Head: ≤80m;
  • Power: ≤315kW;
  • Caliber: ≤600mm;
  • Medium temperature: ≤+45C;
  • Material: cast iron/ball milled cast iron;
  • Application scope: sewage transportation, discharge, industrial waste water transportation, waste water transportation with contaminants.


Outline of the product:

The WQAS type cutting submersible sewage pump has a special crushing blade design, strong crushing function, and can decompose and crush foreign objects.


Product Usage:

It is used for the discharge of sewage containing foreign matter, household sewage discharge and industrial wastewater.


Conditions of Use:

1. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 40C; the weight of the medium is less than 1050g/m, and the particle content of the pumped medium is greater than 60%; the PH value of the pumped medium is 4-.10.
2. When working, the exposed thick surface of the motor shall not exceed 1/2 of the motor.


Structure description:

The submersible motor part of the WQAS cutting type sewage and sewage submersible pump is basically the same as the general WQ series submersible pump. The main difference lies in its water machine part. Its impeller is a single-channel non-blocking cutting impeller, which is in the pump base and volute. A cutting disc that can adjust the axial gap with the cutting impeller is installed in the middle. The shearing action of the cutter wheel and the cutting disc can chop up and suck long fiber solids and discharge them.


Model Description:


Parameters and dimensions:


Performance curve:


Installation method:
WQF series submersible sewage pumps can adopt fixed automatic coupling installation, flexible hose mobile installation, and rigid pipe mobile installation. (Same as WQ series)