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WQ-QX Type Anti-winding cutting submersible sewage pumps


  • Flow: 7~5000m2/h;
  • Head: ≤80m;
  • Power: ≤315kW;
  • Caliber: ≤600mm;
  • Medium temperature: ≤+45C;
  • Material: cast iron/ball milled cast iron;
  • Application scope: sewage transportation, discharge, industrial waste water transportation, waste water transportation with contaminants.


product description:

TheWQ-QX type anti-winding cutting submersible sewage pump meets the most difficult sewage challenge, and solves the difficult problem of conveying and discharging complex media such as toughness in sewage. The
The impeller of the series cutting pump is semi-open. The inlet space of the two blades is twisted to form a spiral. The inlet blade has an axial part, and the fiber is attracted by the axial direction of the impeller.
Avoid entanglement in the inlet flow path. The guide pin of the cutting disk deflects foreign fibers into the impeller flow path, and some long fibers slide into the guide groove of the cutting disk and are rotated at high speed.
The impeller blades of the impeller are cut off with the convex surface of the cutting disc, and are discharged along the direction of the fluid streamline, so the impurities in the flow channel are removed, and the medium is transported after cutting or grinding.
The purpose is to realize the cutting function of the WQ-QX pump and ensure that the performance parameters and full head are not overloaded. WQ-QX series pumps have a maximum head of 50 meters and maximum flow
The output is 601/s, and the motor power is 0.75~15kW.
After careful design and manufacture and perfect quality control, the products have reached the domestic leading level and replaced the corresponding imported pumps, saving purchase costs for users.
Achieve the goal of reliable and energy-saving operation. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality certification and 3C certification, and product quality can be fully guaranteed.



1. Impeller double helix blade, without front cover, cooperate with cutting disc to ensure that performance parameters are not reduced;
2. The cutting disc is equipped with a shunt guide pin to prevent the entrance from being tangled;
3. The blades are organically matched with the guide groove of the cutting disc to produce cutting and cleaning functions.


Scope of application:

Mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, aquaculture sewage and other industries, used to cut and convey solid particles and long fiber cloth,
Wastewater such as plastic braiding and other tough fibers, ropes, motor cable rubber skins, plastic bottles, and labor protection gloves.


Conditions of use:

1. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 40℃, and the volume ratio of solid phase in the medium is less than 2%;
2. The medium should not be highly corrosive, PH=4-10, and the corrosiveness should match the material of the flow-through parts;
3. The maximum particle and fiber diameter of solids in the medium is less than the d50 value in the performance parameter table;
4. Minimum operating level: see ∇ in the installation dimension drawing.