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QY Series Oil-filled Submersible Electric Pump (Single-stage)


  • Flow: 10~45000m*/h;
  • Head: 3~280m;
  • Power: 2.2~315kW;
  • Caliber: 25~600mm;
  • Material: cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel AISI304, 316;
  • Application scope: water supply and drainage of municipal and enterprises, emergency drainage of roads and low-lying areas, flood drainage, rainwater, domestic water and water conservancy irrigation.


Use and characteristics

☆ QY oil-filled submersible pump is the majority of farmers, industrial and mining enterprises indispensable power drainage equipment.

☆ Widely used in agricultural irrigation and drainage, garden irrigation, underground water, water towers water, urban construction, industrial and mining enterprises such as water supply and drainage.

☆ Simple, good performance, easy to use, no noise; the overall seal, electrical protection, durable, safe and reliable.


Conditions of Use

1. Pump submerged underwater work, the depth of not more than 5m.

2. Water temperature does not exceed 40 ℃

3. The volume ratio of the sand in the water or the insoluble solid particles is not more than 0.1% and the particle size is not more than 0.2mm.

4. General room temperature water, no corrosion, ph value of 6.5-8. Such as well water, river water, lake water.


Model Description


Performance curve


Main specifications and technical parameters