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Tank-type Non-negative Pressure Water Supply Unit


  • Flow rate: 0.4~ 1650m*/h;
  • Head: 3~300m;
  • Medium temperature: 0C~+105C;
  • Material: stainless steel AISI304 or 316;
  • Application scope: water supply for buildings, water supply for production and life.


Product description:

No negative pressure water supply is a use of municipal water supply pipe network residual pressure, and municipal water supply capacity related to the secondary water supply. Different areas, regions, cities have different municipal water supply capacity and water supply needs, Xizi pump industry based on years of experience in water supply equipment, according to the amount of water and municipal pipe network, combined with municipal water conservancy, two pumps Room to the district pressurized the overall water supply, water consumption for the overall analysis, to provide for different regions, regions, the city as a whole, optimize the energy-saving solutions, water supply and water supply equipment. In China, in the "more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, more efficient" concept, Xizi Pumps for the local secondary water supply the actual needs of the development of digital negative pressure water supply equipment for non-negative pressure water supply application of the actual needs of professional development A range of functions and equipment designed to ensure water supply safety and reliability.


Technical reference:

1. The unit can be equipped with 2 to 6 pumps

2. LCD display

3. Flow Q: max 1080m³ / h

4. Head H: Max 155m

5. Pump the liquid temperature range:0℃~+600℃


Performance and characteristics:

1. Flexible custom solutions

2. Intelligent and reliable control program

3. Energy efficient pump

4. Wide range of performance, rich models to choose from

5. Real-time monitoring of inlet pressure combined with inlet flow control to eliminate negative pressure



1. Residential quarters or office buildings. Hotels. Enterprises and institutions living water supply;

2. The original life of water supply equipment transformation; such as pneumatic water supply. Water tower water supply. High water tank type water supply.