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XZ-PPS FRP Integrated Intelligent Prefabrication Pump Station


  • Flow: 10~5000m*/h;
  • Head: 8~60m;
  • Power: 0.75~ 200kW;
  • Material: GRP glass fiber AISI304, 316 (Simplified)
  • Cast iron/stainless steel (pump);
  • Application scope: collection and discharge of urban market towns, municipal engineering, public buildings, sewage, wastewater, and rainwater.


The Application Scope and Characteristics of Integrated Intelligent Prefabricated Pump

1. Application scope

☆ The new integrated intelligent prefabricated pumping station can replace the traditional concrete pumping station, widely used in urban and rural market towns, municipal engineering, public buildings and other fields.

☆ For 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ waste water collection and transportation.

2. Application characteristics

☆ All piping, valves, main pumps and control systems, accessories, etc. are integrated design, compact

☆ Small footprint (≤ 30m ²), short duration (≤ 7week)

☆ 24 hours unattended operation, equipped with automatic control and remote wireless monitoring

☆ Long service life, glass fiber reinforced plastic cylinder life of up to 50 years

☆ No impact on the surrounding environment, the pump station buried underground, will not distribute the smell, reducing the environmental problems caused by the dispute

☆ The pump has built-in overheat protection and automatic alarm and other devices

☆ Easy installation and maintenance


Integral intelligent prefabricated pump station model description




Parameter and Structure of Intelligent Intelligent Prefabricated Pumping Station

1. Pump station parameters


2. Pump station structure


Integral intelligent prefabricated pump station material description


Integrative Intelligent Prefabricated Pump Station Unattended, Remote Control Technology

High-strength corrosion-resistant FRP GRP cylinder, high efficiency, anti-winding energy-saving sewage pump, unattended remote wireless control system, so that one-piece intelligent prefabricated pump station management becomes easy and simple.


1. Efficient hydraulic design



Submersible motor, insulation class is F grade (155 ℃), protection class IP68, the motor nails each group are within the thermal switch, used to detect the motor temperature, to ensure that when the power cut off overheating.



Xizi Pumps offers a full range of highly reliable submersible sewage pumps dedicated to transporting sewage contaminants. We have more than 20 years of practical experience in this field and a wealth of experience to know that we provide the best solution for our customers.



Large diameter impeller: transport the value of solid impurities

Pump overcurrent capacity and efficiency is a need to balance the contradiction, and sometimes in order to improve efficiency and reduce the pump over-current capacity, the result is the risk of congestion, increased downtime and operating costs.


Semi-axial impeller with long blades: long fibers in the conveying medium

The length of the impeller blades is a key factor in avoiding entanglement when dealing with liquids containing long fiber magazines. Xizi pump channel impeller with semi-shaft ultra-long blade design to ensure the efficiency of the impeller and solve the medium of long fibers and rags and other magazines winding impeller problems.


Channel impeller: design of non - clogged impeller

Conventional dual or multi-channel impellers are easily blocked by fibers. This is because the fibrous material has time to enter the channel at the same time, and then wound at the entrance edge of the channel. Xizi pump channel impeller specially designed recessed entrance edge, effectively solve this obstruction problem.

The actual running test shows that this special impeller design and minimum 100mm impeller diameter, very suitable for conveying sewage dirt, the efficiency can be as high as 80-85%.


Advanced shaft seal design

In the Xizi pump industry heavy-duty sewage pump, the shaft seal spring is located in the oil chamber, protected by the stainless steel shell and not with the pumped liquid contact, can effectively maintain the effectiveness of the shaft seal. Gas and grit can be automatically removed from the sealing area, combined with the main sealing surface of silicon carbide to ensure that the shaft seal of the trouble-free operation, thereby extending the pump life.

The X-pump shaft seal design ensures that it can be rotated in the forward / reverse direction. When the pump is installed on a separate pipe and there is no check valve, the pump pits can be flushed through the backflow caused by the intermittent stop to effectively prevent the sludge from settling.


2. Intelligent Pumping Station - Wireless Remote Management System

Wireless remote management system: the implementation of centralized monitoring, management and decentralized control of the way, there are measurement devices, data acquisition, mobile intelligent APP software components, the system through real-time online monitoring and analysis and management to achieve the following results:

①. Remote intelligent control and real-time monitoring of pump operation;

②. Real - time alarm;

③. Fault tracking and real-time tracking maintenance work.



3. Control System

Using PLC as the control core components, touch screen as a man-machine exchange interface, remote communication module GPRS (optional) and PLC connection, when the device fails, the device through the GPRS module information remote to the administrator phone, the administrator can remote control Device start and stop. Equipment reserved cable communication port and SMS alarm module (standard), GPRS communication module for the optional parts. Equipment can access the existing monitoring platform owners, so that the pump station and monitoring platform networking.



The base and foundation of the integrated intelligent pumping station



Selection Guide and Size Determination of Integrated Intelligent Prefabricated Pumping Station

1. Selection Guide

☆ Effective volume of pump station

  The distance between the start and stop levels will determine the optimum size of the pump station.

☆ Technical Parameters

  Design flow, head, the number of pumps (including the main pump and auxiliary pump), the ground elevation of the inlet pipe / outlet pipe elevation, inlet pipe / outlet pipe diameter.

☆ Application areas

  Municipal engineering, urban market towns, industrial buildings or other indoor and outdoor, on the ground or on the ground.

☆ Structure type

  Modular wet well pumping station (standard), modular integrated pumping station, wet well pumping station with maintenance, and fully customized pump station.

☆ Internal pipe material

  Stainless steel 304 (standard), 316, PVC and so on.

☆ liquid level sensor

  Pressure sensor contactor (standard), float switch, ultrasonic level sensor.

☆ Control System

  Automatic level control (standard), manual control, remote control. (Optional)

☆ Optional

  Blue grille, grinder, simple deodorant devices.


2. Key Factors in Pump Station Design - Effective Volume

The distance between the start and stop levels will determine the optimum size of the pump station

①. Too short distance may lead to frequent start of the pump motor overload, and the vast majority of sewage pump design maximum number of starts 15 times / hour.

②. Excessive distances can cause sludge deposition and may increase the risk of pump clogging due to long dwell time of pump pits.


3. Size determination



Comparison of integrated intelligent prefabricated pumping station with traditional pumping station


Simple installation of intelligent prefabricated pump station



Integral intelligent prefabricated pump station optional accessories