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When to Replace a Small Submersible Pump?

A Small Submersible Pump may last for many years. However, a well’s condition deteriorates if it contains high levels of sediments and you have to replace a pump in the following scenarios.

1. Continuously Running Pump If a pump has to work hard in order to supply water to the home, then it has reached the end of its service life. Hence, it is prudent to replace the pump. You may check the pressure switch to learn whether a pump is running constantly. A pump’s pressure switch frequently clicks on and off and the energy bills skyrocket if the pump has to run constantly.

2. Reduced Water Pressure A submersible pump’s operating mechanism may be under pressure if you notice water-flow problems through all or most of the plumbing fixtures. It happens when the worn-out components of a pump lose their ability to drive water through the pipe resulting in low water pressure. Thus, it is essential to replace a submersible pump if there is poor water pressure.