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What is Submersible Sewage Pump?

  Wait, what is a Submersible Sewage Pump?

  A submersible Sewage Pump is a pump located in the lower part of your house or yard. The pump grinds up the wastewater as if it is garbage, and then pumps it to the nearest municipal sewer. Wastewater first collects in a water storage tank. When the wastewater reaches a set level, the pump will start to smash the waste and then generate pressure to push the wastewater up the mountain to the sewer.

  Why do I need a Submersible Sewage Pump?

  You may not actually need one, or you may only have one. The grinding pump is designed to help houses that are lower than the nearest municipal sewer line. Standard houses are built higher than sewer pipes, so gravity will draw wastewater from the sewage treatment system. Not all houses are in this position. For these houses, grinding pumps must be equipped. Otherwise, the wastewater will flow back and pollute the house.

  Certain commercial enterprises may need Submersible Sewage Pumps from China Submersible Pump Factory regardless of where they are located relative to the sewer line. This is because these commercial enterprises (such as restaurants) generate a large amount of wastewater with solid waste, which must be crushed before entering the sewer line.

  Submersible Sewage Pump failure?

  Yes, the grinding wheel pump may malfunction. First of all, it is electric, and it will stop working in the event of a power failure. The motor in the grinding wheel pump may also burn out. Early warning signs of this happening include blockage of multiple drains and toilets in the house, as well as the foul smell from drains. These may also come from other sewer pipe problems, but in any case, they need to have a professional plumber investigate them immediately.

  Installation of Submersible Sewage Pump

  Your home or business may need a new Submersible Sewage Pump, which is definitely left to professionals. (For companies, the correct installation of the grinding wheel pump is necessary to maintain the specifications.) Our plumbers can handle the installation and maintenance services of residential and commercial grinding wheel pumps.