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Use of Our Small Submersible Pump

Our Small Submersible Pump powers our entire line of equipment, from our dredges and aerators to our sewage digester packages. None of this equipment would run without the power of the submersible pump behind it.

The basic idea of a submersible pump is that it can pump large amounts of liquid while fully submerged. This gives these pumps a large advantage over other types of pumps.

Whether the machine in question is a dredge, an aerator or something else entirely, the submersible pump is the base technology. Each machine looks and operates differently, since they are equipped and outfitted as best suits their unique tasks and intended applications. But the basic functionality of each machine is based on the submersible pump.

Because they can be used for so many applications, submersible pumps also come in a variety of sizes and capacities. The smaller models are more appropriate for home use and small-scale commercial applications, but there are also heavier models available. These larger pumps are typically used for industrial and construction applications.