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The Purpose And Characteristics Of QDX single-phase Submersible Pump

  As we all know, small submersible pumps are important equipment for deep well water lifting. When in use, the whole unit is submerged into the water to work and extract groundwater to the surface. It is the most choice for domestic water, mine rescue, industrial cooling, farmland irrigation, seawater lifting, and shipload adjustment. In addition, it can also be used in fountains and landscapes with a wide range of uses.

  The QDX single-phase submersible pump produced by the company is one of the small-power irrigation and drainage equipment that integrates a single-phase asynchronous motor and a centrifugal pump. The pump is suitable for irrigation and drainage of small areas such as agriculture, industrial, and mining enterprises, construction sites, hotels, nursing homes, villas, and households. And single-phase power supply, easy to use; reasonable appearance design, good performance; the whole body is mechanically sealed, electrical protection, durable, safe and reliable.

  In order to prolong its service life and correctly avoid damage to the machine, it must be kept at a temperature of not more than 40°C, and the volume ratio of sand in water or insoluble solid particles is not more than 0.1%, and the particle size is not more than 0.2mm. The water quality should be normal temperature water, no corrosion, ph value of 6.5-8. Use under conditions such as well water, rivers, and lakes.

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