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The Characteristics of Grease Separator and Some Precautions

   Grease separators are used everywhere in modern social life, and they can be most widely used in the catering industry, such as the kitchen or basement of hotels, restaurants, restaurants, hotels, canteens, and food processing plants that contain high animal and vegetable oils. In wastewater treatment, it can also be used in conjunction with other water treatment devices. In terms of usage, grease separators are mainly divided into industrial grade grease separators, commercial grease separators, and household grease separators. The common grease separator also has the following characteristics:

  1. Use physical methods (ionized oxygen technology) to decompose kitchen waste oil without adding any chemicals and no secondary pollution.
  2. Fast decomposition speed and high efficiency. The equipment works for 24 hours, and the oil removal rate can reach 99%.
  3. The equipment has an obvious deodorizing function and can eliminate the safety hazards of harmful and toxic gases (biogas, etc.).
  4. Purify water quality. While degreasing and deodorizing, oil is decomposed into hydrophilic molecules such as water and tartaric acid, which will play a role in purifying water quality and help to improve the COD index of sewage. At the same time, it will also play a role in preventing pipeline blockage and reducing costs such as dredging and replacement.
  5. The equipment is small in size, easy to install, and can be installed on the floor or wall.

   After understanding the characteristics of the grease separator, do you know some precautions in daily use?

  The first is the installation of the grease separator. It must be placed horizontally and not inclined, so as to ensure that the grease can be discharged from the equipment in time after the oil and water are separated. When installing the grease separator, directly connect the kitchen drain port to the grease with a PC pipe The inlet of the separator is sufficient. If there are multiple drainage heads in the kitchen, first gather all the drainage pipes into one drainage main pipe, and then connect to the equipment. After the grease separator is installed, do not move the equipment casually to avoid affecting the water quality. And the discharge of grease. The second is to fill the equipment with water when you use the grease separator for the first time. In this way, you can ensure that part of the oil is discharged with the water at the beginning. During the use of the grease separator, every 3 Take out the slag trap box for ~5 days and pour out the sundries inside to avoid clogging. The oil discharged from the grease separator must also be collected regularly to avoid overflow.

 I believe that after some of the above introduction, you already have a general understanding of the grease separator, and you have a general understanding of how to use the grease separator.