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New Trends in The Future Development of Submersible Pump Protection Technology

    The rapid rise of modern industry has made the use of submersible pumps more frequent and common. Under the new demands of daily water drainage and industrial water drainage, all the performance and reliability of submersible pumps themselves will also be improved and changed. As far as the water pump protection technology is concerned, the original relay interlocking protection technology is no longer suitable for the requirements of the new situation. Therefore, the new microelectronics and intelligent protection technologies developed on the basis of these technologies have gradually been put into use, and have shown their advanced nature in actual use.

    With the continuous improvement of the performance of mechanical and electronic equipment, the development of modern water pump control and protection systems will move from purely electrified protection to the development direction of mechatronics. Its development and progress have also promoted the development and progress of submersible pump protection-related technologies. In the future, submersible pump protection technology will show a trend of intelligence and networking. Intelligence is an important foundation for its development, and networking is the main direction of development. In the future, the technical requirements of submersible pumps will transition from the single-chip microcomputer to the microprocessor era on the basis of absorbing the previous generation of relay protection, microelectronic protection, and intelligent modular protection mechanisms. The new generation of submersible pump protection devices and accident signs have self-diagnosis and automatic learning functions, and detailed alarms are issued for related failures.

    With the rapid development of modern Internet technology, the popularization and application of microprocessors in industrial production and the development of information technology, and the large-scale application of industrial Ethernet, Internet network remote monitoring technology has begun to become one of the main development directions in industrial control. It will also promote the development of a new generation of water pump monitoring and protection technology in the direction of networking. The future development of submersible pumps will also usher in new opportunities and challenges.