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Frequent Startup Of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump Is Not a Good Phenomenon

The device will always start frequently. If there is no other reason, we can easily think that someone is fooling around, but sometimes this kind of problem is real. When using Stainless Steel Submersible Pump, such problems should be solved quickly.

  1. When the user installs the submersible pump, there is no check valve installed at the water inlet and the water outlet, which causes the water to flow back quickly after stopping the pump. After the outlet pressure drops, the submersible pump will start again after being lower than the preset pressure. The solution to the frequent startup of the submersible pump is to install a check valve at the outlet of the self-priming pump to solve this problem.
  2. The self-priming pump will automatically start after the tap is not closed or there is water flow in other places, which will cause the outlet pressure to drop. Checking the closed state of the faucet and finding the leak is the solution for the frequent start-up of the submersible pump.
  3. Long conveying distance and high height. The pressure required is high. The pressure set on the pressure controller cannot meet the requirements for use. You can open the controller cover first, and then use a flat-blade screwdriver to turn the middle adjustment knob clockwise. It can be solved by turning to obtain a higher fracture pressure.
  4. The reason why the submersible pump is frequently started maybe because there is no gas in the pressure tank above the self-priming pump. You can loosen the inflation nut on the pressure tank, and then use the air pump to add gas to the inside to stabilize the pressure tank. Under the action of pressure, it should be noted that not every submersible pump has the function of filling the pressure tank.
  5. If the submersible pump is intact before being used for a period of time, and the phenomenon of frequent starting and stopping suddenly occurs, the automatic switch may be damaged. You can replace the automatic switch to see if the fault still exists.

If you encounter problems, they must be resolved quickly, otherwise, the problems will increase. The submersible pump always starts up frequently. These problems affect our work and use. Of course, we must pay more attention to problem analysis and resolution.